About Us

C V S Krishna Murthy Theja Charities Trust i s a non prot, non government organization registered in the year 1997 at Tirupati, Chittoor (Dt), A.P. with blessings of Lord Venkateswara Swamy. The mission and goal of the trust is, top reach of Charitable activities to the helpless by providing medical, rural education and livelihood support to uplift the weaker and downtrodden sections of society ,especially women, Children, Youth and differently abled persons in their life towards self reliance, irrespective of their age, community, (or) caste.

Since its inception, the Trust has served thousands of people through various programs like Health Care, Education, Social service, Relief to the poor, Villages Upliftment Programs, Old age Pensions, Blood donations, NSS, Green plantation and Environment awareness to help the downtrodden sections of the society. The Trust has been engaged actively in promoting studies in modern technology and Health Care, Promotion of unity and Patriotism, Indian Culture, Science and Tradition. The Trust believes that the welfare of Women, children and disabled is the root of the progress of our nation. The Charities identify the places where welfare of weaker sections, welfare of Senior citizens, development of villages and amenities for the public are required and trust extends service there, in order to benet them by all means. Women empowerment is an important eld, where more work and needs are attended by charities.

The Trust has been working actively and within its short period, the organization got a great reputation for its genuine service. Eighteen years in the dedicated service engaging in divergent activities at attaining a neglected society, where all human beings live with dignity. It has been hardly working to reach its goals in the service of humanity. Dr. Chad