Swacha Bharath

Swatcha Bharath Program is being organized regularly by charities involving students and staff to keep clean and green of campus and some villages around Tirupathi and also to bring awareness about this program.

Disaster relief

The Charities has responded to disaster in many parts of the country and has supported in relief activities by providing medical care, Clothes and Shelter. The trust donated 1.0 lakh rupees as a relief fund to help earthquake on 25/04/2015 victims of Nepal to meet immediate requirements such as water and food materials. The Trust also donated an amount of Rs.56000/- as financial support to the Hud Hud victims.

National Service Scheme Activities

The aim and objective of the N.S.S is to render service to the community while studying in an educational institution and to provide them with an opportunity to work creatively and constructively with the community for rendering social services by students and staff through numerous programs like Medical camps, Health awareness programs, Rallies, Tree Plantation, Swatch Bharath P r o g r a m , A n t i – A l c o h o l i s m a n d Environment Awareness/

Blood Donation

  • Safe Blood starts with me
  • Donate blood : Save Life

The blood donation camps are being organized regularly by Charities in our campus to create awareness among students Masses in rural areas to promote voluntary donations for helping needy po o r pa ti ent in eme rgency with association of Red cross society, SVRR hospital and SVIMS to conduct blood donation camps at regular intervals on national festivals.

Employment For Women

Employment is being provided to women belonging to poor and down trodden class. Women represents half of the resourses and half of the potential in all societies. The importance and autonomy of women and the improvement of their social, economic and political status is essential for the achievement of sustainable development in all areas of life. Unless the light of knowledge dawns on the women force of the country, we can never hope to join the community of developed nations. The charities objective is that the strength of nation lies in the strength of the people espcially the women folk. If we want to change the social farce of India, the socioeconomic condition of women must change, particularly in rural India.

Shashti Purty Mahotsavam

The Trust every year holds mass Shastipurthy Mahostavams for the benet of poor people, who crossed 60 years of age.


Food only can support the body to Dharma and Artha. Free Annadhanam is doing done by the charities regularly every year on important occasions of National Festivals, May Day and Religious Day.

Mass Anna Prasa

Mass Anna Prasa program is being organized by charities to the drown trodden children who cannot afford and to help them for their happiness.

Donating clothes

Every year charirities are regularly donating clothes to down trodden women and widows.

Service to the disabled

The Organization arranged sports and games for the disabled in the campus. The children we re happy for having participated in the games and they have been served food.